VOTES 2012 Political Links

A Few Favorites:
A great site to follow the every-changing Electoral College map. It is interactive so students can make predictions for an Electoral College winner on their own as well…
A great site to follow the latest political news (updated daily) from an ideologically-wide range of sources.
From the Annenberg Public Policy Center, this site checks the factual accuracy of statements made by politicians.
From Larry Sabato at the University of Virginia, this site gives weekly updates on the status of the Congressional and Presidential races. Some great analysis from a historical perspective.
This site provides all sorts of great information for an engaged voter or student. Included are candidate biographies, voting records, issue positions, ratings, speeches, campaign finance information for many politicians at the national level.

Political Parties and Their Candidates for President:

Constitution Party: Constitution Party homepage

Democratic Party: Democratic National Committee’s homepage Young Democrats homepage College Democrats

Green Party: Green Party homepage

Libertarian Party: Libertarian Party homepage

Republican Party: Republican National Party’s homepage College Republican National Committee Young Republicans homepage

Government Web Sites: Federal Elections Commission

Polling Web Sites: (Pew Research Center)

Magazines/Journals/Papers/Other Media:

Liberal: The American Prospect Mother Jones The Nation The New York Times The New Republic The Progressive The Washington Post Washington Monthly The New Yorker

Conservative: The Conservative Chronicle The Drudge Report The National Review online Policy Review Rush Limbaugh’s homepage The Wall Street Journal online The Washington Times The Weekly Standard The New American

Libertarian: Reason Magazine

Neutral (if there is such a thing): Political Science Quarterly U.S. News and World Report The Economist

Helpful Fact Checking Site: from the Annenberg Public Policy Center

Political Think Tanks: The American Conservative Union American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy The Annenberg Public Policy Center (UPenn) The Brookings Institution Cato Institute Dick Armey's organization "Freedom Works" Heritage Foundation Progressive Policy Institute

Political Organizations: American Civil Liberties Union Common Cause Emily's List ("Early Money Is Like Yeast") Center for Voting and Democracy League of Women Voters National Women’s Political Caucus Center for Media and Democracy

Other Miscellaneous Interesting Political Sites: Real Clear Politics Set up by League of Women Voters-DemocracyNet DC Insider Charlie Cook Gives His Views Informative site about Capital Hill newspaper covering Capital Hill at the University of Virginia from Larry Sabato at UVA Project Vote Smart (a great site)

Interactive Electoral College Maps:

Political Ideology Spectrum Quizzes (just for fun!):