VOTES Leadership

Jim Shea

*Graduated from Washington and Lee University in 1982 with a BA in history
*Graduate work at the University of Massachusetts, Wesleyan University, and Queen's University in Belfast
*Came to NMH in 1986 as history and social science teacher and dorm head of Gould Hall. Courses taught include American Government, US History and US Foreign Policy
*Cofounded VOTES in 1988 and coleads the program
*Led five term abroad trips to Egypt and one to Turkey
*Head coach, JV basketball and assistant coach, varsity baseball
*Won the Blake Chair for Excellence in Teaching, the Housen Award for Excellence in Coaching and the Parents Chair Award for Excellence in the Residential Arena
*Received a Stanton Foundation Grant for the Innovative Teaching of Civics in 2011 and 2012
*Currently does dorm duty in Hayden Hall
*Married to Alissa; two children (Liam, 5 years old, and Aidan, 3 ½ years old)
*Interests: hiking, camping, world travel, Irish history, and US politics


Lorrie Byrom

*Graduated from the College of Wooster in 1969 with a BA in history
*Taught elementary school in Appalachia (Coal Run, Pennsylvania)—first grade in three-room school house
*Graduate school at the College of Wooster, earning a master’s degree in teaching history
*Came to NMH in 1973 as a history and social science teacher has been a house director, department chair, director of studies, school dean, and dean of faculty. Courses taught include US History, World History, Asia Rising, Women’s History, Comparative Politics, and Model United Nations
*Cofounded VOTES in 1988 and coleads the program
*Led five terms abroad to Egypt and one to Turkey, traveled with the Model UN group to conferences in St. Petersburg, Russia; Cairo, Egypt; Istanbul, Turkey; Haarlem, Holland; and Rio de Janiero, Brazil
*Assistant coach, girls JV soccer
*Won Head’s Award for Excellence in Teaching, Perry Family Fellowship, William Morrow Award for long-term service to the school
*Owns and directs Camp Betsey Cox for Girls in Pittsford, VT (25 years in a family business)
*Married to Mike; two children, Devri Suzanne ’90 and Jediah ’92
*Interests: education, camping, reading, hiking, biking, swimming, cross-country skiing, theater, and the arts