The 2012 Candidates: Short Biographies

Constitution Party: Virgil Goode
Born: 10/17/46 in Richmond, VA
Education: University of Richmond; University of Virginia Law School
Career: Virginia State Senate (24 years); U.S. House of Representatives (12 years)
Vice President: Jim Clymer
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Libertarian Party: Gary Johnson
Born: 1/1/53 in North Dakota
Education: Sandia High School; University of New Mexico (’75)
Career: successful businessman; Governor of New Mexico (8 years)
Vice President: Jim Gray
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Democratic Party: Barack Obama
Born: 8/4/61 in Hawaii
Education: Punahou School; Columbia University ('83); Harvard Law School ('91)
Career: community organizer; lawyer; Illinois State Representative (8 years); U.S. Senator (4 years); current President of the U.S.
Vice President: Joseph Biden
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Green Party: Jill Stein
Born: 5/14/50 in Chicago
Education: Harvard College (’73); Harvard Medical School (’79)
Career: physician; teacher; author; environmental-health advocate
Vice President: Cheri Honkala
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Republican Party: Mitt Romney
Born: 3/12/47 in Detroit
Education: Cranbrook School; Brigham Young University (’71); Harvard Law and Harvard Business Schools (’75)
Career: successful businessman (Bain Capital); Governor of Massachusetts (4 years);
Vice President: Paul Ryan
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